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    Dealing With Water-Damaged Flooring

    water-damaged floor
    Discovering that an undetected water leak has damaged your floors can be quite distressing. Depending on the type of floor and the extent of damage, you can either repair or replace water-damaged flooring.
    Read on to learn more about what to do with water-damaged floors and how a professional plumber can help. 
    Leak Identification
    Several sources of water leaks can cause damage to your floors. Some are easily identifiable, such as a broken dishwasher, a leaky faucet, a faulty washing machine, or a malfunctioned toilet. Other sources of leaks such as broken pipes underneath the flooring or behind the walls may need an expert to diagnose. After identifying the leak's origin, your plumber will fix the problem to avoid further water damage.
    Floor Drying
    Whether you are dealing with a large pool of water or a wet floor from a slow leak, move fast to dry the floors to mitigate further damage. Besides, repairs cannot begin until the floor is thoroughly dry.
    While you can begin the process of water extraction on your own, leave the professionals to dry the floors completely. Floor repair professionals use specialized equipment to dry floors and often offer deodorizing and sanitizing services to eradicate mold and odors.
    If you are dealing with a case of black water damage, avoid removing the water on your own entirely. Instead, leave this issue to a plumbing expert who has the tools and skills to handle contaminated water.
    Mold Identification
    Water leaks that damage the floor can also affect your walls. If the leak has gone unnoticed for a long time, mold might form behind walls. Plumbing specialists use tools such as moisture meters to detect the presence of moisture and potential mold behind walls.
    In case mold is present, the removal method will largely depend on the type of walls in your home. A quick response will mitigate costly mold damage.
    Floor Repair
    The next step is repairing the damaged floor. Repair procedures will depend on the type of floor.
    Wood flooring is more prone to water damage. If a small area of the floor has succumbed to water damage, you may only need to replace the affected planks with new matching ones.
    Sometimes, sanding, drying, and applying a new coat of finishing can help to fix small damages to wooden floors. However, extensive damage will require replacing the entire floor.
    Laminate flooring, like wood, may require selective replacement of affected boards or complete removal and replacement of the entire floor, depending on the extent of the damage.
    A quick response can salvage carpet flooring and safeguard against stains, odors, and mold. If your carpet flooring is old or worn, replacing the entire carpet may offer better value than drying and leaving the old carpet intact.
    Tiles and Concrete
    Tiled flooring is quite resistant to water, but with prolonged exposure, water can seep through the grout and cause the tiles to expand and crack. Thorough drying and replacement of damaged tiles can restore tiled flooring.
    Concrete floors absorb and retain water easily, but with professional drying, you can avoid replacing your floors altogether.
    Regardless of the type of flooring, repairing the subfloor is crucial. Common subfloor materials are concrete, plywood, and oriented strand board. Subfloor repair removes underlying moisture, mitigates mold, and ensures the integrity of the new flooring.
    Water damage to your floors can set you back several hundred dollars. However, early repair can prevent extensive and costlier replacement of your floors. Leave repair and restoration work to a reputable professional who can help to salvage your floors, walls, appliances, and plumbing system.
    At Bryant's Plumbing Service, we understand how stressful water damage can be. You can count on us to restore your damaged flooring fast, professionally, and affordably. Call us today for a free estimate or 24/7 emergency services.