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    Remodeling Your Bathroom? Consider a Cast Iron Tub

    Bathtub and shower in new luxury home
    Cast iron has become a popular material used in modern bathrooms. Cast iron bathtubs are popular additions for modern homeowners wanting to infuse their homes with historical charm and luxurious style.
    The proven benefits of cast iron can serve as deciding factors when it comes to incorporating a cast iron tub into your new bathroom's design.
    Historical Elegance
    The cast iron bathtub enjoys a long and storied history. These types of bathtubs (typically of the freestanding clawfoot design) were once found in only the wealthiest of homes. Because relatively few homes had indoor plumbing when cast iron tubs were introduced, only wealthy individuals who could afford to have servants bring in water to fill the tub enjoyed the luxury of a long soak.
    Historical clawfoot tubs featured ornate metal feet attached to a cast iron basin. The sloping back of the basin made for comfortable soaking. The mere image of a cast iron clawfoot tub embodies the elegance and opulence of the historically wealthy.
    A cast iron tub in your own remodeled bathroom will allow you to infuse your remodeled room with the historical elegance only a cast iron tub can provide.
    Spa-Like Experience
    The basin of a cast iron bathtub is often deeper than the basin of a more modern fiberglass or acrylic model. The added depth encourages you to relax in the warmth of a bubble bath at the end of a long day.
    A cast iron tub embodies some unique characteristics that allow it to provide you with a spa-like relaxation experience in your own bathroom. Cast iron tubs fill quietly, and little vibration or resonance noise pollution occurs once you are lounging in the tub itself. This creates a quiet atmosphere that is conducive to maximum relaxation.
    Cast iron also boasts incredible thermal retention properties. Heat is absorbed into the cast iron tub once you fill the basin with warm water. The warmed cast iron then acts as a heat sink, transferring heat back into the bath water. Your bath water will remain warm for a longer period of time, facilitating spa-like soaks in your remodeled bathroom.
    Personalized Look
    Mass-produced bathtubs can have a generic, cookie-cutter feel. If you are investing in a significant remodel for your bathroom, you don't want to incorporate a bland tub into the room. Cast iron tubs are usually freestanding in their design. This feature allows you to add unique accessories that will lend personalized style to your tub.
    Ornate feet can be added to the cast iron basin. Bridge faucets can be utilized to give your bathroom a more unique look. You can even add a natural wood tray or magazine racks to your cast iron tub so that the tub will better suit your individual needs.
    These accessories can easily be changed out when you want to refresh the look of your bathroom. Customization is simple when you opt for a cast iron tub, so use these bath fixtures to help you create a polished bathroom space.
    The selection of a bathtub is one of the most important decisions you will make during a bathroom remodel. The tub serves as a centerpiece in many bathrooms, and incorporating a cast iron tub can be a simple and effective way to boost the style factor of your bathroom.
    Contact Bryant's Plumbing Service for help installing your new cast iron tub as you complete a full bathroom remodel. We can help with any plumbing remodeling aspects you need, so contact us for help with every step of your next remodel so you can have the bathroom of your dreams. We are experts in beautiful renovations.