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    Why Hire a Professional to Clean Your Home's Drains?

    A house drain
    Whether you have a sudden clog or build-up is causing your pipes to gradually narrow, your plumbing system needs a deep clean. A DIY drain cleaning may seem cost-effective right now, but in reality, it can cost you more time and money. Before you start pouring chemicals down your drains, take a look why you need a professional plumber to clean your home's drains.

    Safety Issues

    Commercially available drain cleaning products are harsh chemicals. Even though these products may seem easy for the novice to use, incorrect application can result in serious safety risks. These risks can occur if you inhale, ingest, or allow the chemicals to come into contact with your skin.

    Poisoning from drain cleaners may include symptoms such as severe stomach pain, difficulty breathing, burns (where the chemical touches the mouth or skin), chest pain, blindness (if the chemical touches the eye), throat pain, vomiting, shock, or even death. Given the serious nature of these products, you should have a professional take care of a clogged, dirty, or slowly moving drain.

    In most cases, the professional plumber also won't use a chemical cleaner to remove debris from your drains. This eliminates the chemical safety issue.

    Equipment Choice

    If a plumber doesn't use chemical drain cleaners, how do they clear your plumbing system? While they use a variety of tools, the professionals often choose to use hand snakes, rotary tools, and water pressure tools. 

    While a hand-cranked plumbing snake is easy for most people (including non-plumbers) to manage, high powered rotary or pressured equipment isn't. If not used completely correctly, these tools can pose safety hazards or ruin your plumbing. Not only does the plumber have the right tools for the job, but they also have the experience and education to use them safely and effectively.

    Complete Clean

    Whether you choose a DIY chemical or manual drain cleaning option, you may not get the desired result. Even though these methods can remove some of the gunk and grime that's slowing your drains, without professional expertise you may not realize that your pipes are only partially cleared.

    A week, a month, or a year later, you may notice that the clog or slow drain magically reappears. But the professional plumber knows how to completely remove clogs, clear drains, and provide the deep clean that your home's plumbing requires to ensure the problem won't come back as long as you maintain your drains.

    Plumbing Problems

    Sometimes a clog isn't just a clog. A slow drain or blockage may indicate a more serious plumbing issue. A store-bought plumbing snake made for the novice DIYer or a bottle of chemical drain cleaner won't stand up against a severely blocked sewer pipe.

    When you're not completely sure what the problem is, you need a plumber to investigate the clog's cause. When the plumber cleans your home's drains, they'll do more than just remove the blockage or build-up. If they do find a larger cause for the clog, they can also repair the problem or recommend a treatment plan.

    Regular Maintenance

    Routine drain cleaning can stop debris and grime from lining your pipes, keeping your plumbing system working at top shape. The deeper the clean, the longer your drains will keep flowing without incident (baring other plumbing issues).

    Many homeowners don't have the time, knowledge, or patience to regularly maintain their home's plumbing system. This type of routine cleaning is part of the plumber's job. Beyond having the time to clean your home's drains, the plumber's know-how means that they can complete the job in much less time than you (a plumbing novice) could.

    Do you have clogged or slow drains? Does your home's plumbing system need a deep cleaning? Contact Bryant's Plumbing Service for more information.